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Rochester, NY Sunday, June 10, 2012 Democrat & Chronicle

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What others are saying about this book:

"We need to reset our republic. I respect your resolve and hard work in accomplishing the task you set for yourself.
I cannot imagine the effort that it must have taken to finish such a project."
Supreme Court Judge of Monroe County, The Honorable J. Owens, Rochester, NY 

"I was just saying to Lenny yesterday I should buy your book. This morning when I awoke there it was on the kitchen counter!
I had to work today, but Lenny said he can't put it down. Thank you!!"
C & L Pepitone, Raleigh, NC

"Taking a stand takes guts and "We the People" will support that voice and help send the message."
P. Ritchey, Leawood, KS




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