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Why Lincoln?

   This website all began as a personal research project a few years ago. I wanted to answer these questions:

   1. Has our Republic changed or did I just grow up and out of childish ideas that I was taught about our Republic in school?

   2. If it was Our Republic which changed and not me, there must have been a point in time; someplace in the past that it changed, when was that?

   Everything started with Abraham Lincoln and the year was 1860. It started with him and WE the People can RESET our Republic, simply by undoing what he did. It's like reverse engineering. My research is all obtained from public documents. There is no guessing about what was done. It is NOT a theory, my opinion or how I interpret history! The facts are, Our Republic was changed and Lincoln was responsible for it!

   Yes, Our Republic did change and Lincoln purposefully, intentionally, legally and Constitutionally changed it! Now as to my opinion, I believe Lincoln would have RESET our Republic to original and ordinary occasions, had he not been assassinated. It is up to you and I, WE the People to RESET! The executive, legislative and judicial branches of government will NOT and CANNOT RESET our Republic. They have so bound themselves that it has become impossible, even if they knew about this and wanted to RESET. 

There is probably no other president in the history of the United States that was almost so equally loved and revered as he was hated and feared, than Abraham Lincoln. And with these two polar opposite perspectives and perceptions, Lincoln was viewed as the savior or preserver of the Union, while others believed he was a usurper or destroyer of the original United States. 

   But, however you view Lincoln, his legacy to us is what he did to keep US together. And WE can follow what he did and RESET our Republic in about one' year's time!  



 RESET 'An UN-alien's Guide to Resetting Our Republic.'

The Book




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